Brake disc lathe equipment

Equipment orders for brake disc aligning, spare parts, as well as the necessary components for full-fledged work are all available in our shop.

What is a machine for grooving brake discs?

This device is able to restore the factory parameters of the brake system of the car, namely the good condition of the brake discs without the need to replace them with new ones. The process of lathe cutting the discs takes a little time and does not even require their removal from the car.

Stop losing profits!

For service workshops, the restoration of brake discs is a proprietary activity and brings additional revenue and reputation among competitors. This is especially true in the centers, where the complex maintenance of the brake systems of the car and the replacement of brake pads. But in small workshops, lathe recovery equipment can be used successfully. After all, for work there is no need for high qualification of personnel or the availability of additional equipment.

Brake discs can be handled directly on the car. It's enough to buy the simplest base model of the machine and the disks removed from the car. In this case, you need a universal model of the machine.

Who is the winner?

Benefits are received by both parties, both the owner of the vehicle and the auto center. As noted above, the auto center is an additional service and profit, but what does the owner of the car get? The owner of the car saves money for searching and buying original new brake discs and saves time. As a result, he gets not only excellent brakes in the car, but also keeps the original disks installed in the factory when manufacturing the car. It's not at all the fact that you buy an exceptionally high quality new brake disc to replace old ones.

What is the result of grooving the disks?

The result is an even, smooth brake disc. The following drawbacks will be corrected;

  • The edge at the edge of the disc formed from wear during braking was removed.
  • Surface roughness is removed.
  • Correcting the beat (curvature) of the disk obtained as a result of work and intense heating.
  • The braking distance of the car will be reduced due to a more intimate contact with the brake pads.
  • The creak and brake pedal failure will disappear

On car disc lathe BL-202

On car disc lathe BL-202

The basic and the most popular model for restoring the working surface of the brake discs ..

HK$6 935.00 (US$887.68)

Universal type brake disc lathe BL-602

Universal type brake disc lathe BL-602

This is a universal machine model for restoring the surface of brake discs. This machine ..

HK$10 100.00 (US$1 292.80)

Toolbox brake disc lathe BL-606

Toolbox brake disc lathe BL-606

Brake Disc Lathe machine with Tool Cabinet type.Suitable for storage tools, parts and acce..

HK$10 500.00 (US$1 344.00)

Lathe module for break lathe

Lathe module for break lathe

Lathe unit for ON/OFF car Brake disc lathe machine.For spare replacement worn out part. ..

HK$2 700.00 (US$345.60)

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