• Universal type brake disc lathe

This is a universal machine model for restoring the surface of brake discs.

This machine allows you to work on the restoration of the disk surface both directly on the car and removed from it.

Included with the kit all the necessary accessories provide a secure attachment of the brake disc to the drive shaft. Autonomous work has several advantages before processing discs not removed from the car. This is a convenience in work, a simpler control of the operation, the ability to quickly change discs while another mechanic removes them from a car or even several cars waiting for their queue.

Electric supply
Voltage 220V, 110V
Lathe unit specifications
Max. brake disc diameter 450mm
Max. brake disc thickness 40mm
Brake disc runout ≤ 0.005mm
Brake disc surface roughness RA1.5–2.0µm
Net Weight 7KG
Brake disc thikness variation 0.005mm ~ 0.01mm
Drive unit specifications
Working height 1.25m
Drive speed 98 RPM
Ambient timperature rand -5C° to +35C°
Turning accuracy ≤ 0.005mm
Net Weight 50KG

Universal type brake disc lathe

  • HK$11 600.00

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