The basic and the most popular model for restoring the working surface of the brake discs of a car.

The peculiarity of this machine is the direct work on the car, without removing the brake disc. For work you need a car lift. It is enough to remove the wheel, and release the brake caliper (by hanging it on the spring of the shock absorber with a hook). In place of the brake caliper, a turning module is installed, and the disc drive is carried out using the main unit to rotate the hub.

Modification of the machine can have a universal rack with variable height of the drive unit. In this case, work can be done on a car standing on the floor, simply by lifting it with a car jack (you need to install it on special stands) and removing the wheel to access the disc.

To complete the restoration of 2 disks, it takes about 30 minutes. Together with this, it is reasonable to replace the brake pads with new ones.

As a result of this operation, the owner of the car gets a perfectly flat surface of the brake disc.

After treatment, the following defects are corrected;

  • Removing disc rust.
  • Disc runout.
  • Disc roughness.
  • Geometric disc distortion.
  • Squeaking.
  • Whistling and noise during braking.

And, for this, the small part of the disk surface will be cut off. Not requiring special skills of the employee, the entire procedure is relatively simple and intuitive.

Electric supply
Voltage 110V, 220V
Lathe unit specifications
Max. brake disc diameter 400mm
Max. brake disc thickness 40mm
Vernier knob accuracy 0.002mm/min
Brake disc runout ≤ 0.005mm
Brake disc surface roughness Ra 1.5~2µm
Net Weight 7KG
Brake disc thikness variation 0.005mm~0.01mm
Drive unit specifications
Working height 1m / 1.25m
Turning accuracy ≤ 0.005mm
Net Weight 50KG

On car brake disc lathe BL-202

  • HK$7 400.00

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